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    Families will have the opportunity to sign up for a preferred volunteer assignment prior to each meet. The volunteer coordinator tries very hard to give everyone their first job preference, but that isn't always possible.

    Parental participation is required at swim meets, unless you paid the buyout, in order for your child to participate in each swim meet.

    What Position am I?

    If you want to work a specific job, or have a special request for a given meet, sign up early for your job.  This season you must commit to a volunteer job for each meet before you will be able to sign your swimmer up! Any unfilled positions will be assigned by the volunteer coordinators. 

    Please note that some jobs will be pre-assigned or require certification to perform.  If you are not eligible to work at any given position, please contact the volunteer coordinators prior to the meet (

    A full list of volunteers will be posted on this site and emailed out to all families with the volunteer assignments, prior to each meet.

    Have a problem?

    If you have a problem, or can't make a meet, email

    Job Descriptions

    Morning Set-up

    Setting up the tents early in the morning. Requires arriving early before the meet begins.
    The job is done before the meet starts.


    Responsible for calling each age group/event to the ready bench.
    Assigned by Board


    Responsible for taking down, packing up, and loading the tents at the end of the meet.
    This starts near end of meet until all items are packed up and the pit area is cleaned


    Inputs all data into computer prior to meet, creates heat sheets, and maintains all data including team records and all meet results. Enters results into computer at meet.
    Assigned Board Position for the Computer Rep. Other computer positions occur during the meet. (training positions are available!)


    Reports to the Head Concessions person to assist with set-up and management of the concession stand.
    Home meets only. Usually only work half the meet. 

    Exchange Judge

    Exchange judges watch the relay exchanges to ensure that they are legal.
    Must attend a training clinic at the beginning of each season in order to volunteer in this position.
    Needed for relays only - at both beginning and end of meet

    False Start Rope

    If the Starter determines that a false start has occurred, this person is responsible for releasing the false start rope to stop the swimmers.
    1st or 2nd shift assignment


    Help out where needed.

    Head Timer

    Organizes and briefs the Lane Timers on their duties prior to the meet, and is in charge of the Lane Timers throughout the meet.
    Assigned Board Position

    Heat Ribbons

    Distributes a heat ribbon to the winner of each heat.
    1st or 2nd shift assignment


    Responsible for getting water to all volunteers (timers, judges, runners, etc) as well as coaches.
    Home Meets only.
    1st or 2nd shift assignment

    Lane Timer

    Use a stopwatch and/or plunger to time individual lanes and take directions from the Head Timer. The number of volunteers needed varies based on the number of lanes where the meet is held. Instructions are given prior to every meet.
    1st or 2nd shift assignment

    Meet Director

    Responsible for working with the other team's Meet Director to ensure a safe, smooth meet.
    Assigned Board Position


    Must arrive very early for home meets and direct traffic and parking.
    Arrive very early - done before meet starts

    Pit Parents -  Please READ the "Pit Parent Guide" listed at the top of this page.

    Pit Parents are responsible for getting swimmers in their age group pit to the ready bench on time. They should escort younger swimmers personally to the ready bench for each event to avoid getting lost or losing cards. Pit parents also supervise during the course of the meet.
    Pit parent shifts last the entire meet, except the 6 and unders. 6 and under Pit Parents work through event 46 only.

    Ready Bench

    Ready Bench workers organize the swimmers into their heats before the start of each event. This position is best suited to someone with previous swim experience and/or someone used to working in organized chaos!
    1st or 2nd shift assignment

    Ready Bench Director

    Ensure the ready bench operates efficiently.
    • Need heat sheets and a pencil.
    • Ensure morning set-up crew prepared the ready bench areas with benches, chairs, tents and a table
    • Conduct morning training with ready bench personnel from both teams
    • Ensure all volunteers know their assigned ready bench jobs (yes, this means the late ones too!)
    • Periodically observe each position from Lane Monitors to Greeters.
    • Ensure volunteers remain hydrated and protected from the sun

    Ready Bench Radio Relay

    Facilitate the flow of arriving swimmers.
    • Need heat sheets and a pencil.
    • Collaborate between Announcer and Ready Bench Greeters to speed up or slow down 1st call and 2nd calls.
    • Communicate with Head Pit Parents on ready bench flow via walkie talkie. (This is a back up system to the Announcer's first and second calls for events). Speed it up or slow it down.
    • Communicate with Head Pit Parents on missing swimmers.
    • Communicate any other concerns with Head Pit Parents to get info to the pits.

    Ready Bench Greeters (one Dillo, plus one from the other team)

    Merge two teams in lane order
    • Need heat sheets and a pencil.
    • Merge each team according to heat sheet event and lane assignments
    • All swimmers should arrive in order from pits.
    • Distribute lane sticks to each swimmer
    • Explain stick system to each swimmer - Sticks stay with the swimmer until the Lane Monitor collects them. Do not trade or forget sticks.
    • Notify RB Radio Relay of any missing swimmers
    • Notify RB Radio Relay if swimmers are arriving too soon or too late.

    Ready Bench Line Monitor (2 Dillos, plus one from other team)

    Keep the swimmer line flowing from the waiting area to the ready bench. Keep swimmers in line and seat in order on RB. Match the index card number to the lane assignment and bench position.
    Need heat sheets and a pencil. Be aware if a swimmer is missing. Notify the Ready Bench Radio Relay if necessary

    Ready Bench #3 (Dillo)

    Move swimmers up to next ready bench - benches 4-6
    Need heat sheets and a pencil. Ensure swimmers have their sticks and stay in order.

    Ready Bench #2 (Other team)

    Move swimmers up to next ready bench - benches 1-3
    Need heat sheets and a pencil. Keep swimmers moving up to the next bench in order and in a timely fashion. Ensure swimmers have their sticks and stay in order

    Ready Bench #1 (Dillo)

    Hand off swimmers to the Heat Runner
    Need heat sheets and a pencil. Keep swimmers in order as they transition from the benches to walking inside the pool area. Ensure swimmers have their sticks and stay in order

    Ready Bench Heat Runners (3 Dillos; 2 per shift from other team)

    escort heats from the ready bench to the lane
    • Need heat sheets and a pencil.
    • Each person responsible for 1 heat at a time
    • Collect swimmers/heat at the door
    • Move swimmers into designated waiting areas - 25yd swims to right of door, 50 - 100yd swims to left
    • Verify swimmers are in order; names match the heat sheet, and identify empty lanes
    • Remain with the heat until swimmers are delivered to the Lane Monitors by the blocks.
    • Collect sticks from Lane Monitor
    • Walk outside to Ready Bench Greeters to drop off sticks
    • Collect next heat of swimmers
    • Need heat sheets and a pencil.
    • Keep swimmers in order as they transition from the benches to walking inside the pool area
    • Ensure swimmers have their sticks and stay in order.
    • Keep the flow moving.

    Ready Bench @Lane (2 Dillos; one from other team per shift)

    verify the swimmer lane stick matches the lane number
    • Need heat sheets and a pencil.
    • Each person responsible for 4 lanes; 1-4 or 5-8
    • Direct next heat to sit in assigned chairs. Heat Runners will help identify empty lanes if necessary.
    • Verify names only if there is a problem
    • Direct sitting swimmers to stand up once blocks are empty so next heat can be seated
    • Collect sticks from swimmers before they step up on the block. Don't interfere with swimmer's ability to hear starter's calls.
    • Return sticks to the next Heat Runner
    • Move to opposite side of pool for 50's and 100's


    Sorts and affixes labels of top finishers to ribbons.  Second shift volunteers must stay until final results are entered in computer and labels printed.
    1st or 2nd shift assignment


    One runner is responsible for taking the event cards for each single length race from the swimmer. These cards must then be delivered to the timers at the other end of the pool.
    Another runner will then pick up completed event cards and DQ forms from the timers and judges at the end of each race. These cards are then delivered to the scoring table.
    1st or 2nd shift assignment

    Scoring Table

    Scorers tabulate scores from the event cards and prepare info for entry into computer. They may also clarify any questions on event cards with timers and judges as needed.
    1st or 2nd shift assignment


    The Starter is responsible for starting each event. She/he shall be the sole judge of FALSE STARTS.
    Must attend a clinic prior to the start of the season in order to volunteer in this position.
    Assigned Board Position

    Stroke Judge

    The Stroke Judges work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of each pair being from each team. They observe strokes and turns to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke.
    Must attend a clinic prior to the start of the season in order to volunteer in that position.
    1st or 2nd shift assignment
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