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IT COSTS A LOT OF MONEY TO HAVE A SWIM TEAM! Part of belonging to any organization includes the responsibility to raise the money necessary for the group to operate. Each year the Dillo Board evaluates the team's projected budget, sets the registration fees and determines goals for local business sponsorship and fundraising events.

This year’s registration fees are as follows:

1st Child $230, Second Child $210, Third(+) Child $190

Children over age 15 (starting with second child unless you only have one swimmer) -- $160

These fees are the team's primary source of financial support and help cover the following expenses:

  • Pool rental for practices and swim meets
  • Northwest Swim Circuit Fees
  • Coaches' Salaries
  • Team T-Shirts & One Latex Team Cap
  • Swimmer Insurance
  • Computer and printing supplies
  • Divisional Swim Meet Entry Fees

The cost of the racing suit and equipment is in addition to the registration fees. 

Each swimmer will need to purchase a team swim suit at the beginning of the season. Some swimmers may want to purchase a silicone cap depending on swimmer preference.  Team swim caps are available for purchase during registration. 

Typically, our swim meets are held on Saturday mornings, with the site rotating among the home pools of the NW Swim Circuit member teams. 

Swimmers are required to participate in a minimum of 2 official meets per season; however, we strongly encourage all swimmers to participate in every swim meet if possible. Swimmers who do not participate in the required number of meets will not be eligible to early register the following season. Meets provide the opportunity for swimmers to gauge their progress and see the results of their hard work during practice. Each and every swimmer is critical to the team’s overall performance and is therefore expected to participate in as many meets as possible. League rules require each swimmer to have swum in a minimum of two meets during the regular season in order to be eligible to swim at the Divisional Meet in July. It is our team goal to have 100% participation at the Divisional Meet.

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