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2022 Volunteer Roles

The Georgetown Aquadillos Swim Team is a member of the Northwest Swim Circuit (NWSC). Swim meets are run entirely by parent volunteers provided by each team. Volunteer positions vary in terms of time and commitment. Each Dillo family is expected to provide one parent volunteer per family.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if this commitment is not feasible for your family.  Some positions are all-meet long while others are either first shift or second shift. 

Volunteer positions and their descriptions are listed below alphabetically.

Computer/Dolphin Computers:

  • Input times/DQs into the database at meets
  • Run Dolphin System
  • Either 1st shift or 2nd shift


  • This position is a home meet position only and will serve all day. You will not have to volunteer at away meets. 
  • The concessions volunteers prepare and sell food to attendees at home meets only. Includes set up and clean up.
  • All-day shift
  • Concessions Coordinator: Julissa Mundahl

Event Tracker:

  • The Event Tracker is responsible for keeping the event board accurate and up to date during meets.
  • All-day shift

Exchange Judge: 

  • An Exchange Judge’s responsibility is to observe exchanges during relays to determine their compliance with league requirements.
  • All-day shift


  • Floaters must be flexible! This is a great job for anyone who likes variety.
  • Assists Meet Director as needs arise.
  • Fills in for any volunteers unable to fill their position.
  • Floaters may receive their assignments at any time leading up to a meet or even during a meet.
  • Floaters will be trained as a timer and stroke judge. You may be called to do any role!
  • All-day shift

Heat Winner Ribbons Distributor:

  • Watches each race and determines which swimmer touches the wall first.
  • Hands out Heat Ribbon to the first swimmer to touch the wall.
  • Determines Heat Winner regardless of false starts, legality of strokes, and official timekeeping.
  • May award 2 heat ribbons in case of apparent tie.
  • Either 1st shift or 2nd shift


  • Directs traffic around the Village Pool and Rec Center prior to the start of the meet.
  • Ensures Traffic flows one way around the parking loop, as defined by the Logistics Director.
  • Protects reserved parking spaces.
  • All-day shift

 Pit Parents

  • Responsible for the safety and well-being of all kids in their age/gender tent for the entirety of each meet. 
  • Brings swimmers to the ready-bench and after swimming back to the tent. 
  • All-day shift except for 6 and Under tents which go until the last 6 and under event. 
  • Lead is Jenni McGlathery

Ready Bench:

  • The Ready Bench is where swimmers are grouped for their events and placed into lanes prior to their races.
  • Organize and line kids up into heat groups.
  • Ensure each swimmer is lined up at the correct lane.
  • Critical to keeping meets running smoothly!
  • May have to clear parents/coaches out of Ready Bench.
  • Can still watch their own children’s races.
  • Either 1st shift or 2nd shift
  • Lead is Melody Lusk

Ribbons and Awards:

  • The main responsibility for Ribbon Volunteers is to adhere labels to the appropriate ribbons and organize those ribbons (per team’s preference) for distribution to team members after the meet.
  • Heat ribbons will be awarded at the discretion of heat ribbon volunteers in all events at all meets
  • Expect to stay 15-20 minutes longer after each meet.
  • Either 1st shift or 2nd shift
  • Lead is Maerie Logan


  • Pick up timer sheets from Timers and DQ slips from Stroke Judges after each heat and deliver them to the Scorers/Computer team.
  • 1 of the Runners will act as the DQ Runner, standing with the Stroke Judges and delivering DQ sheets to Scorer's table.
  • Either 1st shift or 2nd shift


  • Identify the official time for each swimmer in an event and determine the official order of finish, according to the recorded times.
  • Scoring officials keep an accurate count of the team points as the meet progresses and post official results.
  • Either 1st shift or 2nd shift

Set Up:

  • Works under the guidance of the Operations/Logistics Director.
  • Organize all tables and chairs in the swimming and Ready Bench area.
  • Set up false start rope, backstroke flags, diving blocks, and lane lines.
  • Put out trash cans lined with trash bags.
  • Block off Timer/Stroke Judge and Ready Bench areas with stanchions/tape.

Stroke & Turn Judges:

  • Must participate in a training class offered at the beginning of the season. Date and time of training will be relayed by the Meet Director when decided upon by the NWSC.
  • Observes relays exchanges and notes teams with illegal exchanges on the DQ slip.
  • Observes swimmers’ strokes and notes incorrect strokes on the DQ slip.
  • DOES NOT directly approach any swimmer or parent about disqualifications.
  • BONUS: You get a great view of every race.
  • Either 1st shift or 2nd shift
  • Lead is Charlotte Rooney

Take Down/Clean Up:

  • Works under the guidance of the Logistics Director.
  • All Meets, take down all equipment and put it away in the storage trailer.
  • All Meets, clean up team area and facility of all trash
  • All Meets, gives any lost and found to the team Meet Director.
  • All Meets, return facility to pre-event set up (chairs, chaise lounges, tables, etc.)


  • Without timers we can’t run the meet. Timers assure that each swimmer gets the most accurate times possible. They are also our last line of defense to assure that the right swimmer gets the right time by making sure each swimmer swims when and where they are supposed to. You will be trained on deck. It isn’t difficult and there are always multiple timers per lane so the responsibility averages out. You will be required to attend a timers’ meeting about 15 minutes before the session starts. Timing involves starting the stopwatch on the start and stopping it on the finish. You will write down the time (or memorize it to write moments later), clear your watch, and be ready to start all over again with the next race.
  • Stands at the end of the assigned lane and times each swimmer in that lane for the duration of the shift.
  • Change sides of the pool depending on the event.
  • Required to listen to the Starter and watch the light.
  • Check in with the entry monitor and then the head timer.
  • For each heat, confirm the athlete’s name listed on the timer/lane sheet, start the watch with the light (not the sound), and stop the watch and plunger when the athlete touches the wall at the finish.
  • Record the watch time on the timer/lane sheet.
  • Sign out with the head timer at the end of the meet.
  • Either 1st shift or 2nd shift
  • Lead is Felix Rivas
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