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Welcome New Dillo Families


We are so glad you decided to join our team!  

Being on a swim team can feel overwhelming -- there are a lot of moving parts and it will be like no other sport you've participated in.   Our team typically has 300 swimmers, a 6 member board of directors and second of all, everything is run entirely by volunteers.   It takes every parent to help practices and meets run smoothly and to keep all of our kids having fun in the water!  Part of a successful swim season requires a commitment not only from your children but from you as well.  Our goal is for our children to love the sport of swimming!  

Your first week of swim practices and the swim meets can be confusing because you don't know what to expect.  Don't be shy -- ask your fellow parents about whatever might seem confusing to you.  There is always someone that can help you! You can also email at

Below you will find some tips that we hope will answer any questions you may have!   The team website has a lot of information! Some things to look for:

  • GENERAL INFO ::  You will find details about practice, equipment needed, meet details, and many other basic policies.   You'll also find details on how to sign up for REMIND and join our parent facebook group!   
  • SWIM MEETS tab is where you will find the swim season calendar.  And you'll also find details surrounding a swim meet -- what to expect, how long they last, what to bring.  You will also find the Heat Sheets for each meet.  TIP: Heat Sheets are typically posted 1 day before each meet. If you want a copy to look at during the meet, it is simplest to print this out at home. Please be aware changes might be made during the meet but you can get a pretty good idea of your swimmers’ events and schedule this way. Official meet results are usually posted on the website within a day.  Event results are printed and posted as they are confirmed at each meet.


  • We recommend labeling EVERYTHING with a permanent marker.
  • Swimmers should wear a one-piece swim suit (NOT the team suit), goggles, and a swim cap.
    • The team suit will last longer if it's only worn at meets.
    • Please do not wear bikinis or rash guards.
  • Bring a water bottle and towel. 
  • Bring a kickboard
  • Bring a set of fins.  
  • Parents can bring chairs to sit in on the outside perimeter of the pool. 


  • Meets are on Saturday mornings.
  • Meets typically *start* around 7:00AM and end around 1:00PM.   
  • Arrival to a meet is around 5:30AM. 
    • The specific time your family will need to arrive will always be emailed and posted the Friday prior to the meet.  
  • Only one parent per family needs to volunteer but both parents CAN volunteer!  Trust us, volunteering makes the day go by faster!  
  • The shifts are broken down into either all day, first shift (events 1-45) or second shift (events 46-87). Second shift jobs are typically a full hour shorter.
    • If you have a 6 and under swimmer, volunteer for a first shift as their meets end after event 46 and you are free to go home.  
    • If you have a 13+ child, please consider taking a second shift job (remember, your volunteer time commitment is an hour shorter)! And, your kids will enjoy watching the older age groups swim! We have a few that have accepted swim scholarships and are fun to watch!
  • Most swimmers will swim 3 individual events and 1-2 relay events


  • We recommend labeling EVERYTHING with a permanent marker.
  • Foldable chairs, blankets, pillows, and quilts for ground coverage.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Goggles and swim cap.
  • Two towels (don't forget to write names on them).
  • EXTRA goggles and at least one EXTRA swim cap.
  • Activities for the kiddos to do in between events (ideas might include: coloring books, card games or other similar games, simple craft activities, etc…).
  • Healthy snacks and water to stay hydrated for both you and your swimmer (there are concessions at each meet but having your own stash is a good idea)
  • The heat sheet (mert schedule) will be emailed out during the week. Please look it over and use it to mark your child’s arm. More detailed information on arm marking HERE. It’s best to mark your child the morning of and before sunscreen. Avoid sunscreen on the marked area or it will smear.


  • Look for the Dillo tents and check in with the volunteer coordinator. Please be on time or your child may be scratched from their events. The coordinator will give you details on where/when you need to report to your volunteer position.
  • Check in your swimmer at the swimmer check-in tent. Please be on time or they may be scratched from their events.
  • Drop your swimmer off at their designated Aquadillo Pit Tent, where the swimmers will stay for the remainder of the meet. We have tent signs by gender and age.
  • Set up your own area for the day in the designated spectator area per location.
  • Swimmers will start warming up about a half hour after check in time.
    • Coaches will direct them on what they need to do.
  • Meets start with the National Anthem followed by Relays. 
  • Follow along with your heat sheet so you can watch your swimmer race and cheer them on!

EXTRA TIP: If you are volunteering when your swimmer is scheduled to race, just let someone in your area know and you can go watch. We want everyone to get to see their swimmers in the water!  Do NOT miss your child swim!! 


Your Aquadillo Board

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